Asphalt 8: Airborne App Reviews

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Dear Gameloft, since 2013 we are playing Asphalt 8 with great pleasure. Its an addiction for us. Since now we didnt feel anything commercial on your attitude. You gave us the possibility to have fun without paying anything. You are showing lots of advertisement during the game so even the players who were playing for free were supporting you somehow. We were tolerating this because we wanted that you had the chance to develop this game. We are the members of different Asphalt Facebook groups and we decided to write you this letter. We are not happy with the Ticket System on the multiplayer option. We are asking you to abolish this system. You can say that you have a free option, but its really difficult to find a player on the free option. Everybody is chosing the free option for curiosity and then they start to use the Ticket System by force. So in this this new system the free option is really useless. Lots of our friends are quitting the game and that makes us really sad. We are asking you to abolish the Ticket System so that we can continue to have fun with our friends. We thank you in advance. Best regards, Asphalt 8 Airborne players

iphone 7 plus 128gb

var. real racing3 asphalt 8. ulan clash of clansda bile kasıyor media markt tan aldım. anlamadım gitti

iPhone 6


Old times

I remember old games from Asphalt on Java, that was good time for me, now I can play this game on iPhone, amazing

Quite good

Problems on ipad mini: 1. Lagging makes driving frustrating on ipad mini 2. In competition with other players onkine crushing is not equal and this should be corrected. In contradiction to others I cant crush cars so easily 3. Error no 4 crushes online gaming 4. Instant error when comunicatitg server online racing

Pretty good

ThatS pretty good game, rly time-taking


Its so good

The best mobile racing game!


Great game

Best car game for phone

Best racing game

I love it, especially r&d events

Excellent application ever

Nice app


Good game



Bel gioco

Ottimo gioco per telefono

Everything a good game needs

This game is extremely addictive, with its good graphics, excellent challenges and vast replay ability! Would recommend to anyone who likes cars, racing, or just a good time!

Multiplayer bugs

So Im new to this game and I have played the multiplayer and it seemed fun, however, I tried playing it but every time I try it, it says that I was disconnected and I lost all my tickets because of that so can you please fix it? I would be very happy if you do that and I might even play the game more! Thank you!


This game is perfect


I love how you can make Shou videos with this app please make more games with shou


This thing is addicting

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